If you want to save time and money by cutting out the middleman then out freight forwarding service could be for you. We specialize in getting goods to their final point of distribution direct from the manufacturer quickly and simply. This means you save money on storage and can offer your customers unrivalled service.

Our job is to limit your costs and to keep to agreed deadlines. We will also handle all paperwork which is particularly valuable if shipping internationally.

Think of us as your agents negotiating rates and guaranteeing satisfactory delivery of your goods.

Our service is bespoke, so we are adaptive to your needs. We can give you access to the most appropriate solution. This is true whether shipping B2B or B2C. We offer a full freight forwarding service that gives you access to road, air, sea, rail or a combination of shipping methods.

Road Freight

We have developed a network of road freight vehicles to suit any situation in a number of countries. No matter the size, shape or type of cargo, we can find a road freight solution for you.

Air Freight

Weiz Cargo offers air freight services that help you to keep up with consumer demand and compete in a convenience driven marketplace.

Sea Freight

When dealing with larger quantities or heavier goods, then sea freight is often the most cost-effective and reliable option. This is particularly true when the delivery of goods is less time sensitive.

Rail Freight

Rail Freight is considerably cheaper than Air Freight and might be faster than you imagine. Freight to China takes roughly 18-20 days on average.