We are specialists in overseeing the timely, efficient, and cost-effective transportation of your goods. Our freight forwarding services offer you hassle-free transport of your cargo. We work hard on your behalf to negotiate reduced rates with carriers, sort the paperwork, and liaise with carriers to ensure a smooth and successful delivery. Whether you are delivering commercial cargo or personal effects, we can offer the best shipping solutions for you and your business, along with specialist advice and support.

Automative Shipping

Shipping something as large and as valuable as a car overseas can be a little daunting. This apprehension can be increased if you need to transport multiple vehicles or if you are unfamiliar with how automotive shipping works. The necessary paperwork changes depend on the situation and it is easy to fall into the trap of paying more than you need to for a solution that is not appropriate for your needs.

At Weiz Cargo we are experts on shipping vehicles overseas. We have worked with many individuals and businesses to successfully ship vehicles to a range of destinations. Our expertise means we can recommend the most cost-effective and speedy solution.

The two main means of transporting a car overseas are ‘Roll on Roll Off’ (also known as Ro Ro) and container services. ‘Roll on Roll off’ is exactly what it sounds like- cars are driven on and off. Using a container service involves securing your vehicle/s in a shipping container.

Not only will we help you to select the solution that suits you best, but we will also work with you closely to ensure full compliance with custom and import requirements.

Cross Trade

We are well-versed in cross trade shipping. Cross trade shipping involves an agent moving goods between two countries that are not the agent’s registered country. For example, a UK national might want to move goods between Pakistan and India but will naturally be better positioned to deal with a UK agent.

Weiz Cargo can act as your UK agent. We have access to a global network that allows us to operate in many countries. Cross Trade can get complicated, but our local knowledge and years of experience make it simple.

Access a range of cross trade freight services via Weiz Cargo. Including: refrigerated cargo, dry cargo, precious cargo and much more.

Exhibition and Wedding Cargo

Overseas weddings and other similar events are increasingly popular. However, shipping events equipment overseas presents several challenges. Relying on local providers is often not an option. If you are a UK based events company, the success and budget of your overseas event is seriously threatened by the logistics of transporting equipment.

We completely understand the challenges involved. Particularly, we are sensitive to how crucial it is for props, decoration, lighting and other equipment to arrive at the event destination on time and undamaged.